Hello and welcome to my blog about Kha's Intelligence, hes one of my favorite Champs, mostly because hes pretty cool and seems different from the others.

First off thanks for taking your time reading this soup of words i call post XD

As you may know Unlike his Void brothers (are they even related beside the void? hmmm) Cho and Kog, the poor Kha came to this world in a rather... weak form and slowly started to eat and evolve greater creatures. Obviously his evolution is not limited to his physical form but also his Mental capabilities.

Wile his goal is still the same you may notice that his different from his other void pals, hes smarter. Like the {{wikia|metroid|X_Parasite|Parasite X] from Metroid my guess is that Kha absorbs the Abilities and Memories of those he consumes, maybe even gets part of its appearance.

Its just my guess but its possible that Kha's quest of evolution had changes due to a growing sense of self-defense as Rengar poses both the Ultimate prey but also his ultimate predator.

It is unknown if Kha still absorbs more creatures wile hunting Rengar (or if he is trying to hunt him at this stage of evolution) but its true that Rengar is a major threat for him and his survival.

Another hint of Kha's intelligence shows if we compare him to the other two void creatures:

- Cho: as seen (or heard on that matter) in Cho's quotes he seems smart but still hold to the void's will. His best quotes showing this are "Death is not the end for you. I have seen to it. For eternity, you are mine!" and "Your races are a scourge upon the world!".

- Kog: he is... meh hes like a little doggy. Not very smart probably because hes in an early stage of evolution, or maybe his "race" of the void is like that. Hes not very smart he just want to eat stuff.

Kha's way of speaking and overall design shows that he may be more self oriented than Cho and Kog, they seem to think as a whole wile Kha think for his own good.

These are my thoughts tell me what you think about Kha's evolution, who knows he may be the next step on the evolution of the Void. I just feel hes way different from the other void creatures.