AAAAAAAAND im back once again to talk about yet another interresting girl on the leaue, this time: Lux the Lady of Luminosity.

An interresting champ indeed. But what do we know about her?

Born from the famous Crowguard family Lux was very skilled already but one day she discovered she had a especial connection whit a particular class of magic: Light.

At first she was a just a scout, who also managed to hide behind enemy lines in Noxus and discover plans of a Noxian attack on Ionia. But how smart she really is?

Apparently behind her cheerful, and kind of stupid looking, personality she seems pretty smart. Why? well the Noxian High Comand is suposed to have only the best of varius tipes of techinques in Noxus, counting Magic, Warfare and Espionage adn if Lux managed to sneak and get all that information without them even noticing is already a surpricing feat, and lets not forget that that light binding of hers, she learned it when she saw Morgana using her Dark Binding. SO it seems Lux is capable of analizing abailities and adapting them to her own type of magic.

Then here is the tricky part: her personality. I say tricky because in her quotes she seems very cheerfull and always keeping her team positive but something in her makes you wonder if she is trying to hide something...

Maybe her way of speaking or.... well her Laugh is proff that she may be insane in a sertain degree, even if its just a little. Also her Jokes:

  • "Double rainbow? What does it mean?..."
  • Play "Well, a "double rainbow" is a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. Does that explain it?"

May suggest that shes bipolar.... there is someting fishy about her, maybe it will be better explored when she gets her VU, we will see. Lets not forget her Laugh is one of the most annoying/funny in the game along whit the likes of Singed, Lulu and Jinx who are not particulary sane.

What you think about her?