Does anyone else find themselves getting REALLY competitive during Co-op vs AI?

A friend always asked me why I find bot games so fun to have played over 600 of them. Well this is it. I take great shame that the highest high I've ever had in LoL was beating Darius in KDA and Gragas in CS in that game.

And it's not a one off ether, I always go ultra tryhard mode, more than I even do during PvP matches. Whether subconsciously or consciously.

Sometimes I get other people to play along, racing each other to the highest score.

I remember a time when I went bot as Miss Fortune, laning along side a Vayne.? I was timing my attacks to steal her CS.. then she started doing the same thing.. I managed to get 3 early kills.. she used her knockback to push an enemy into me while I was low health and running away... Good times.

The scores turned out to be 10/2/26 to me and 12/1/5 to her so we agreed to a draw at the end because I had so many assists.