So I'm sure we've all heard of ELO hell, a Low ELO where you are pared with other people who are low ELO, and have such bad teamwork skills that even if you've got good teamwork you can't ever consistently win.

What this ELO rating is varies depending on personal opinion, I've seen people say that 500-800 is ELO hell, others have said that 1200-1600 is ELO hell... etc.

However a friend was telling me about this wierd and wonderful place called ELO heaven, which may or may not exist. An ELO so low that you can't ever get there by just by being unskilled, only by intentionally queue dodging and losing matches. Why this is a good place is that everyone doesn't want to win, they want laughs and to have a good time. Plus it's such a small group of people everyone knows each other.

I want to know if it exists?