Just why is Solomid.net praised for its guides but Mobafire.com is bashed for them?

Whenever I want to find a guide for a particular champion then I check both sites. Always finding the best and most relevant to be on Mobafire, meanwhile the ones on Solomid are hardly ever updated, a champion can go through whole reworks last year and still the most popular guides are from before it.

For example: Looking for a solotop Shen guide.

On solomid there's this lot http://i.imgur.com/6bier.png

From the patch notes, Shen was nerfed quite heavilly last month, rendering pretty much all of those guides stale. The most useful out of those is for Twisted Treeline.

However on Mobafire there's this lot http://i.imgur.com/dcWXG.png

They are upvoted so probably have a lot of success. The first 4 have all been updated within 2 patches, giving comments on Shen's nerf and how to get around it.

Many other champions have this case too, where only 2/3 of the champions have even got updated guides on Solomid. On Mobafire you can pick and choose from 4-5 guides for each champion.

So what is the deal with Solomid being better?