Ok, I don't know if this has been noticed before, but it seems that there are some character animations I didn't know or hear about in the game.

It started when I was playing a bot game, when we won and the nexus exploded the enemy Lux went through an animation I had never seen before. She sat down, holding her legs in her arms and burrying her face in her knees as if she was depressed she lost.

This was a long time ago.

Today I was looking through an old replay I had saved of my first win in an ARAM match, and when the enemy surrendered and the camera panned over to the nexus exploding, the enemy Sivir fell onto one knee, covered her eyes with a hand and shook her head slowly.

I immediately watched the replay back but this time when the camera panned over the the nexus exploding she didn't do it this time. She just stood there in her idle stance.

Has anyone else noticed this happening? That when someone loses a match, their champion may go through some sort of match loss animation after the nexus explodes? It seems to be a random chance of it happening, probably rare and easilly skipped over since I've only seen it happen twice.