Going into my senior year of college I thought I had experienced just about every method of gaming with friends that was possible. Halo 2 sessions in the lounges between floors, N64 Smash Bros tournaments, and nba2k brackets brought together everyone in my dorm. I belonged to a small catholic community group called Esto Vir, where our goal is to get out on campus and do good for the community. In our group this year, we had a freshmen who had been going to sleep before 8pm all his life. Our meetings didn't start until 9pm, so we felt bad about keeping him up all the time. He wasn't the most social person in the universe, and some of the older guys decided to go out of our way to really get to know him and get him to break out of his shell. When we asked him what he enjoyed doing, he brought up that he played league of legends. We decided to give it a try. Little did we know 10 months later League of Legends is keeping us all together after graduating from college. We sign on around the same time every night and get on skype, and it feels just like it did when we played on campus together. League helped us get to know each other better, while be extremely entertaining on those nights when we just wanted to relax and play a few games.

My favorite champion has to be Renekton. He was the first champion I played that I wasn't completely awful with, and when his free week was over, I had 5k IP to make up before I could buy him. Thankfully my friends had been playing enough that they understood how to play, because I'd have probably lost every game on my way to buying him if it wasn't for them. Now I've gotten pretty well with him that I don't care when people complain when I pick him, because I know my giant blade can make them eat their words 20 minutes into the game.