• Kygehn

    Prior to the creation of in V3.10, was mainly a niche item for champs who highly benefitted from a bit of tankiness, CDR, and self-healing such as , or .
    But the new, improved Visage is an extremely strong item for almost any toplane bruiser. This is the cost analysis from the wiki on the item which costs a total of 2750g.

    • 400 health = 1056g
    • 55 magic resist = 1100g
    • 20% cooldown reduction = 644g
    • 20 health regen + 4 (from passive) = 864g
      • Total Gold Value = 3664g

    The analysis doesn't even account for further health regen possible of your champ is abusing the increased self-healing unique passive.

    Players: So if there is this item which increases self-healing, is there an item that does the opposite?
    Riot: Yeah.
    Players: What's it called?

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  • Kygehn

    Support Rantings

    December 30, 2013 by Kygehn

    Thank you for reading my rant.

    Riot: We've been distressed with the ward wars in the botlane which leads to gold starvation for support champions, so lets buff support.

    Everyone: Yeah! Yeah!

    Riot: So we decided to nerf traditional supports.


    My problem is with riot's nerfs to , , and .  Formerly considered top tier supports, perhaps only is still top-tier considering the strength of her .

    And it may not be that the nerfs were that severe, but due to the creation of , , and , other supports simply scale better with the gold.

    This also brings in traditional midlaners into the support role as carry-support hybrids due to the new abundance of gold in the botlane. I'm referring to , , , and .

    Something that I had previously enjoyed was AP So…

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  • Kygehn

    Wuju buy a Yomuu's?

    December 25, 2013 by Kygehn

    During season 3/preseason 4, I've been seeing AD casters who buy a brutalizer face a dilemma on what item to upgrade it into, or .

    Sometimes, I think for sure a champion should buy one item or another. For instance, has his signature , but is more of an autoattack reliant melee carry should buy the , especially since he can crit with the Q.

    In contrast, or should buy because and quickly stack armor shred.

    Yet even though Garen and Riven aren't autoattack reliant, I've seen people buy on them.  Does the extra mobility from the active outweigh the extra health and armor shred from ?

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