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Support Rantings

Kygehn December 30, 2013 User blog:Kygehn

Thank you visitor for reading my rant.

Riot: We've been distressed with the ward wars in the botlane which leads to gold starvation for support champions, so lets buff support.

Everyone: Yeah! Yeah!

Riot: So we decided to nerf traditional supports.


My problem is with riot's nerfs to Sona boobs, Janna Yasuo's rival, Nami The Little Mermaid and Lulu annoying-ass faerie.  Formerly considered top tier supports, perhaps only Sona heals on wheels is still top-tier considering the strength of her Crescendo.png dance party.

And it may not be that the nerfs were that severe, but due to the creation of Ancient Coin item.png Blitzcrank's Coin, Spellthief's Edge item.png Nidalee's Edge, and Targon's Brace item.png Taric's Brace, other supports simply scale better with the gold.

This also brings in traditional midlaners into the support role as carry-support hybrids due to the new abundance of gold in the botlane. I'm referring to LeBlanc 2 Chainz, Annie pyro, Syndra balls, and Lux lasers.

Something that I had previously enjoyed was AP Sona carrying the midlane, yet with her reduced ratios, that role isn't nearly as rewarding to play. Riot had stated in the pi patch notes that Sona's damage was incredibly high with the new gold flow so the nerfs were necessary, yet the new gold can reach champs with higher damage outputs such as Annie. I think it is almost hypocritical how traditional AP mids can be brought into the botlane while traditional supports may be obsolete in the season 4 meta.

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