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  • LATnik7

    Rammus rework

    February 18, 2014 by LATnik7

    Passive: Spiked Shell Rammus receives bonus attack damage equal to 25% of his armor.


    ACTIVE: Rammus enters a rolling ball state for up to 6 seconds, constantly accelerating from an initial bonus 15% move speed up to a bonus 165% move speed. While in this state, Rammus cannot attack or use Puncturing Taunt. Activating Defensive Ball Curl or re-activating Powerball during its duration will end the effect instantly.

    Upon colliding with an enemy unit, all nearby enemies are briefly knocked back, take magic damage, and are slowed for 3 seconds afterwards. Rammus reverts to his normal state as well.

    If you use the Tremors in powerball during its toss up Rammus (as Zac) distance of your MS in the direction to cursor, increasing radius damag…

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  • LATnik7

    hello, what do you think if you change the Ult Jinx on homing rocket? after pressing R, the rocket flies in a straight line at the place where the moment was the cursor, and then if at the distance of 1500 from Rocket enemy heroes are changing the path in the direction of the enemy with minHP

    have the three options minHP enemy I'm going to last

    minimum %hp, lux300/1500(20%) Zac 1000/4000(25%) = target lux

    Minimum HP, Lux1700/1700hp Zac 2000/4000hp=target lux

    max missing health, Lux 300/1500(missing 1200) Zac2000/4000(missing 2000)=target Zac

    P.S.:if someone know russian, can help me with this post. Please help me translate my ideas for english-speaking community.

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  • LATnik7








    +40 ability power(if your AP>1.5AD)

    +20 attack damage(if your AD>1.5AP)

    +10 attack damage +20 ability power(if your AD~AP)

    +5% movement speed

    Passive Unique: On cast, for 10 seconds, your next standard attack deals additional physical damage equal to 100% of your base attack damage. 2 second cooldown.
    Menu Magic > Ability Power

    Magic > Mana

    Item cost 1275g (425g)
    Sell value 892g
    Item code ????
    v · d · e

    • (415g)
    • (435g)
    • 425g

    • (and ) only multiplies the champions starting base attack damage plus any gained from leveling up. Bonus attack damage from items, runes, and masteries is not included, nor does it include the bonus damage from skills like , , , or .
    • If the attack is a critical hit, the bonus damage from is …

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