• LadyArisha

    Ari, the Crimson Brigade General is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    () Attack Damage every six level. Ari gains 1% movement speed up every step to 10% if running towards to enemy champion. Movement speed decays by 1% every step she does when her back is against the enemy champion.

    |description3 = Defensive Tactics: If Ari changes to Sword/Shield stance, she gains () Armor and Magic Ressist every six level. Ranged Minions and Jungle Monsters prioritize Ari if shes in the range of their range, or if she attacked them once. They will prioritize her as their target till she goes out of their range or being killed. }}

    Ari slashes towards the cursor, dealing physical damage. Can be cast twice more within 2.5 seconds, with the timer resetting …

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