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The reason I play League of Legends is generally, what else, to have fun. I love sitting down, logging on Skype, and grouping up with a few good friends, and playing some matches. A player since Beta, I've always enjoyed the game, but never had anyone to play with until a few months ago, back in February, when I learned some schoolmates played.

My favorite champion would defiitely have to be Rammus. I've always found monster-based champions much more appealing than humanoid ones, and Rammus is just my style. Able to take a hit, and mess over any AD within taunt range, he's been my favorite since I started. The sheer fact that closed beta players recieved a King Rammus skin as well only made things so much better. Always a team player, I pass kills to allies whenever possible, take the hits required to keep the carries alive even at the cost of my own life, and carrying teleport on me for a quick save, his backdooring and tanking capabilities are outstanding.

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