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  • LancettaBreeze

    Nova, The Wyvern Child is a custom champion for League of Legends.

    Nova wasn't so much brought onto the Fields of Justice, as he was born onto them. The Dragon bore a life outside the skirmishes in the Rift, in the unexplored islands that flanked it. It was on these islands that she had an egg, which brought forth a small wyrmling. This child grew up primarily on their own, with their mother often called to the Rift to serve her duty. Shortly after he hatched, his wings fused to his forelegs, leaving him a Wyvern rather than a true Dragon. As such he learned how to walk short distances on his hind legs and claw at foes with his front, rending their flesh and leaving them easy prey.

    He hunted the forests of his birth-island, steadily growing str…

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  • LancettaBreeze

    Esther, The Product of Experimentation is a custom champion for League of Legends. A young lady born and raised in the horrid streets of Zaun, Esther had lived on by volunteering her body to the experiments many scientists needed a subject for. Aware of how durable her body was, Esther faced all kinds of torture by being a lab rat to numerous inhuman experiments. After years of being experimented on, one ambitious scientist had gone up and beyond what Esther had ever faced. This scientist drenched her in searing chemicals all while disecting her body so that she could resist more of his dangerous chemicals. And one day, when the testings were done, the scientist thought that Esther was at the last of her straw since her body had been so mu…

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  • LancettaBreeze

    Shieki, the Astral Priestess is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All of Shieki's abilities have shared cooldowns with their alternative form, including her ultimate


    Shieki heals herself and target ally, additionally granting them a reduction in damage received from basic attacks (Minions get 25% healing and receive no damage reduction)

    |leveling =

    % seconds

    |cooldown = 13 |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 675 }}

    Shieki harms herself to harm an opponent and apply a stack of Moonlit Weakness

    |leveling = |cooldown = 13 |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 600 }} }}

    Shieki gains Health Regen equal to 33% of her Mana Regen

    |description2 = Shieki gains 200% Health and Mana regen in exchange for a reduction of Ab…

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  • LancettaBreeze

    Razor, The Shapeshifter is a custom champion. He wears a simple cloak with the hood pulled down. His left arm is constantly shifted to a bird wing, which he can swing to flick a razor-sharp feather for his basic attack. Razor himself was born Demacian but took to the road to wander amongst the kingdoms once he was old enough. He encountered many people, some aggressive, some not, and spoke of politics where he was able. It was when he gave his left arm to protect those he cared about from a pack of Murk Wolves that he was considered for the League. He made up for the loss of his arm by turning the stump into a full fledged wing with sharp feathers, adopting the name Razor as a result. In the Rift, he's a complex champion who's difficult to…

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