Remember that super mysterious image at Creator Viktor's blueprints of battlemechs that also appeared vaguely on Battlecast Vel'Koz's splashart? Yeah, I'm gonna name him ZZ'Rot and he might be Kog'maw's dad. Just something curious about the new item Raptor's Cloak and Zz'rot's gates and the way that Riot leaves some tiny and most of the time vague clues about future content.

In Koggies splash art we could see a Raptor in plain view and the item is obviously named after the new monster camp so that just might be a minor clue. And then there's Zz'rot's gates, notice how there's an apostrophe in the name just like any voidborn so it might be a give away. Something very curious is also given by the item's active, it opens a gate where it summons monsters and pushes in the nearest lane and I bet that minions won't be spawning from those gates but instead voidlings. What does monsters coming through a portal imply? An invasion. What did RIOT say early this year to watch for? An invasion. What does the Void want? meh, not yet entirely sure.

Anyways, The figure might not be ZZ'rot, Zz'rot might not be a champ but I do believe that Koggies daddy would e Zz'Rot and a void invasion might be neigh so heed thy warning brothers and sisters an let us rally unto Malzahar's cult and let us prepare for their coming. :3

Emptylord Unidentifed Champion
Emptylord Unidentified Battlecast Champion