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    Sigil, the Marsh Warden is a champion in League of Legends.

    The Story of Sigil Close / Back

    My people once had a history. Our creed soaked in the wetlands twixt the Ironspikes and Demacia. I had always believed that we would live and die with the marshes. I had always believed until that day, the ones with glittering skin came to us.

    We knew they were ill in body and in mind. They ought to have been cast out on the ends of our staves, but our elders begged their pardon. The Creed of Rohda which governed us resounded in their command, "Compassion. Healing. Knowledge. Your path is Service. Your virtue is Forgiveness." We were to give the rejuvinating waters of our skin for their wounds and their sores.

    It was the young men and young women who van…

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