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Anybody ever thought of that couple and how well they would match with each other? Hmm...Someone just told me about it recently, and it seemed interesting if one really cold bitter night, Sejuani had a dream of Tryndamere being very handsome and all of a sudden....craved for him and envied her nemesis, Ashe, for having him, even though it was out of political reasons. Therefore, Sejuani sets out to the Castle of Freljord where Tryndamere and Ashe sleep and sneaks in through the castle window into the bedroom in which Tryndamere and Ashe sleeps. Sejuani, then secretly and quitely ties Ashe up and puts her on top of her boar, and now she had Tryndamere all to herself. Lol, just a funny thought that somebody told me, (He likes League of Legends a lot)!

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