• LegendSpartan1

    Zac Rework

    January 5, 2015 by LegendSpartan1

    Soo Zac is one of the champions you can never find in a game like  shen,karma,nautlus etc So i thought of a way which may could Make him really better and more of a fighter :D.

    His Q should be Able To pull a champion infront of him just like blitz.

    His w is really the messed up ability,Zac enlarges him self gaining 20/40/60/80/100 amour/magic resist and  attack damage.

    I thinks His E Is allready Nice but maybe Let it have more ap ratio.

    His ulti works out fine but maybe the spalsh damage should have more range.

    Forgot about the passive,Now his abilitys cost 4% of his hp maybe letting the boblets Refund 5% Of the hp making him More Regenative in the lane or jungle, By the way this rework makes him better at ganking and jungling And if this worke…

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