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    Celeste, Caller of Angels

    August 12, 2014 by Leo636

    Celeste, Caller of Angels is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Celeste is accompanied by her guardian angel, Uriel, who aids her in battle. Uriel is a melee unit which can be targeted and killed by enemy units, but can be re summoned. However, once summoned you cannot re summon Uriel until she is killed. Celeste kit focuses on using Uriel effectively.

    To do this, here's how you control Uriel, Guardian Angel, which focuses on using R as a 'reset', stopping Uriel from whatever she was doing and making her follow you:

    Lets take an example: You have two minions: A, B. When Celeste attacks minion A, Uriel will also go to attack minion A. During this time, Celeste can freely attack minion B and Uriel will keep attacking minion A until it is k…

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  • Leo636

    Why do we use skins?

    I think we use skins not only to show that we have money but we use skins to show that we are really good at a champion. When you main a champion you want all their skins to show that you will pwn all. So it is frustrating when one of the champions you love to use doesn't have a skin that you can be proud of and say that you are an expert at this champion. I would like these champions to get a skin like the quality riot is making today (particle and model changes). (This is very frustrating to me since I main Karma who i will touch on later). I have narrowed down the champions who are in need of this symbol that is skins. These champions fit these criteria:

    • Must not have any skins with particle or voice changes.
    • Must have…
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    Hello again!

    I had no idea that we had so many pokemon fans around here! Ill go over some of the more controveral typing in more detail justification.

    I think is Ghost/Fairy type because a) shes a spirit fox who turned into human because some dying sorcerer gave her his life essence (soul). To return human she has to take the souls of other people (she doesn't anymore) so ghost type right! b) Fairy types are attractive and lure you into a false sense of security, i.e. Ahri (Charm is also a Fairy type move).

    I dont really think she's a dark type because she's not nesseacrily evil and her trickster ways seem more fairy type secduction than dark type Le Blanc deception. I also dont think she is psychic because ghost fits more accurately (her or…

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  • Leo636

    Even though most of my blog posts will be about Karma i will be posting something soft to start off today.

    The recent release of Pokemon X and Y got me thinking. Can you put the Champions in Pokemon typing (Yeah I'm weird like that)? Here's what i cam up with: { () Optional typing}

    : Dark/Fighting  (Dark/Flying): Pretty self-explanitory. He's an evil deity bruiser.

    : Ghost *(Ghost /Fairy)*: She takes the souls of other people and eats them. There is nothing else in her kit and person that deems for a scond Typing. *Due to the enlightening comments, i have changed my mind on this*

    : Fighting/Dark: The reason why she's dark is because she's a ninja and she can turn disappear into the shadows with her twilight shorud.

    : Ground/Fighting: Magnitude …

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