Even though most of my blog posts will be about Karma i will be posting something soft to start off today.

The recent release of Pokemon X and Y got me thinking. Can you put the Champions in Pokemon typing (Yeah I'm weird like that)? Here's what i cam up with: { () Optional typing}

AatroxSquare Aatrox: Dark/Fighting  (Dark/Flying): Pretty self-explanitory. He's an evil deity bruiser.

AhriSquare Ahri: Ghost *(Ghost /Fairy)*: She takes the souls of other people and eats them. There is nothing else in her kit and person that deems for a scond Typing. *Due to the enlightening comments, i have changed my mind on this*

AkaliSquare Akali: Fighting/Dark: The reason why she's dark is because she's a ninja and she can turn disappear into the shadows with her twilight shorud.

AlistarSquare Alistar: Ground/Fighting: Magnitude (Pulverize) anyone? He also headbutts!

AmumuSquare Amumu: Ghost: He's what's inside Configarus! But seriosly, hes a reborn yordle, doesn;t that scream ghost.

AniviaSquare Anivia: Ice/Flying: I hope I dont have to explain this.

AnnieSquare Annie: Fire/Dark: The reason why she's dark is because she can summon that damn bear (also shes a dark child).

AsheSquare Ashe: Normal/Ice: The reason for ice is because of her ice arrow, other than that she's prettey normal. 

BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank: Electric/Fighting: He has not steel-like related moves, however that punch is pretty much fighting type move.

BrandSquare Brand: Fire: Yeah, he a walking forset fire. 

CaitlynSquare Caitlyn: Normal (Normal/Steel): She just doesn't exude steel to me, she's just a normal person with a gun. 

CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia: Poison (Posion/Rock): Rock type optional if you feel that turning people into stone should be part of her typing.

Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath: Dark/Dragon: He's form the void and that bite is pretty dark. He also seems like a dragon type to me.

CorkiSquare Corki: Normal/Flying (Steel/Flying): Again difficult to catagorize, but he is a normal yordle on a flying machine. 

DariusSquare Darius: Dark/Steel: Don't tell me that chopping someone in half doesn't deserve a dark typing. Steel for his axe.

DianaSquare Diana: Fariy/Steel (Dark/Fairy): Fariy!? you may ask. I feel that she is a fairy type because fairy are usally associated with the night and might is associated with the moon. Doesn't her skills feel fairy type to you? 

Dr. MundoSquare Dr. Mundo: Posion/Ghost: He's not really a ghost but all the toxins he put inside makes him like one.

DravenSquare Draven: Normal (Normal/ Steel) (Normal/Dark): He's petty normal put you can put steel if you want. (watch the flame begin)

This is just a taste for now but part two will be coming soon(TM)!