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  • Lesanthosxia

    Hey there, editors of the wiki community. Previously I made a blog to bring our attention to the Ability Details pages, and now, I would like to give a general guideline to all editors who are interested in filling in the ability details pages.

    Ability Details pages are meant to contain all complex information about a champion's spells and/or abilities. The order of ability information should follow as below:

    (Skill name) is a (spell type, e.g. single target collision skill shot) spell/ability that (brief spell/ability description, like projectile description, buff or debuff component.)

    • (Skill name) procs on-hit effects.
    • (Skill name) procs spell vamp and similarly with all area of effect/damage over time/multiple target/single target spells and abi…

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  • Lesanthosxia

    Hi every editors here~ ! This blog post is to bring you guys' attention to the recently created Ability Details pages (such as this one)

    Generally, people thought: do we actually need them? Indeed, these are not compulsory details. However, we will always have people who are looking for details among that information beyond the normal level (example: does proc spell vamp or  ?

    Information like this can be short sentences OR a long wall of text (here is an example, especially her innate ) Adding it on the main champion pages will eventually make them look like info dumps, which pretty much makes them page looks bad. Yes, information is good, so we're moving them to the new Ability Details pages.

    If you noticed, some of the champion's main pages…

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  • Lesanthosxia

    Hi every editors out there. This blogpost had been made to request help for the completion of IP spreadsheet that 92garfield had been working on even before the recent IP gain changes on V1.0.0.133.

    Link to whatever that 92garfield has compiled, it is here. Note that there are still some numbers and exceptions that we are not done with yet.

    Generally, 92garfield had proposed 2 methods of evaluating the exact IP gain from normal/Coop games.

    1. Contributors can screenshot their "Score Board" after a game ends, while showing both Influence Points gained and duration of the entire game. These 2 are the key factor in helping us. Generally, screenshoting the entire picture is fine as well.
    2. We will form our own team to test out individual timing and game…

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  • Lesanthosxia

    As Leona was embraced by the sunlight for the first time, the eternal sunlight's guardian, has been summoned.

    Grugnir, arrives with a bright ray of sun, into Shurima Desert. Despite being summoned at that moment, Grugnir remain stilled and lifeless. Many who happens to pass by Grugnir merely took it as a regular statue in the mystery-filled desert, until one day, when a Valoran mage was assaulted by Noxian mercenaries right in front of Grugnir.

    Grugnir came to life, swiftly defended the mage from his demise and sent the surprised mercenaries fleeing without knowing what actually happened. Witnessing Grugnir's strength, the mage began to took interest in it: while having no flesh and blood within the armor, Grugnir is able to wound a group of…

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  • Lesanthosxia

    Well, here it is, third champion on my release:

    Links are as follow. Feedbacks of Lamia can be posted at here for improvements.


    These are just the older ideas that I had, but however most likely forgotten by viewers. Here it is.



    Thanks for viewing and comments. I'd appreciate it. :)

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