Hi every editors out there. This blogpost had been made to request help for the completion of IP spreadsheet that 92garfield had been working on even before the recent IP gain changes on V1.0.0.133.

Link to whatever that 92garfield has compiled, it is here. Note that there are still some numbers and exceptions that we are not done with yet.

How to help?

Generally, 92garfield had proposed 2 methods of evaluating the exact IP gain from normal/Coop games.

  1. Contributors can screenshot their "Score Board" after a game ends, while showing both Influence Points gained and duration of the entire game. These 2 are the key factor in helping us. Generally, screenshoting the entire picture is fine as well.
  2. We will form our own team to test out individual timing and game type, one by one.

After some evaluations, 92garfield and I thinks that the first option is more viable and less time consuming, and he also had agreed to do the necessary calculations for the required results.

Why bother? Didn't Riot post all that recently?

Riot's figures regarding Influence Points gain is incorrect. 92garfield had been working on this before V1.0.0.133 has proved that even the old Influence Points modifier is wrong. The following is part of the statement on my talk page during our discussion: (Quote from here)

So what I'm unsure about:

It seem that for Normal games, game length is rounded to an uneven Number between 25 and 55, I do not know at the moment how it's rounded (up, down, mathemiatically).

This however seems not to be the case on Co-op games.

Another weird thing I recently found was following:

With a second account of 16 playing against Intermediate Co-op Bots, I saw that Riot Numbers are pretty obviously off (as they say Co-op vs AI grants as much IP as Normal games for Summoner below level 20), it got about 91% of the IP but a IP Boost of 136, what in case Co-op games are capped at 55 minutes too, would mean it got about 94% of a Normal games IP.

The above could mean 2 things:

  • Riot messed up and grants 100% IP on the boost and Co-op reward caps at 50 (or 51) minutes game length.
  • Bot games have a even higher cap for game length to be rewarded (about 57 minutes).

To All Contributors of this Request

Any screenshots can be attached to this e-mail address: profi.zocker@yahoo.com. Do remember to state the game mode on the pictures, e.g. by naming it after it's game-mode.

Contributors do remember to add this title: IP Gain SS - Username

If you do not have a user name, then just put in the title without it. This is only for easy contact within this wiki's premise.

I hereby thank all the volunteers to this request sincerely for your contributions.

Leia - 零亜のレサンテョスイア™ 15:31, February 10, 2012 (UTC)