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Notes & Ability Details: They're moving home!!

Hi every editors here~!

This blog-post is to bring you guys' attention to the recent pages, the Ability Details page such as this.

Ability Details: Purposes

Generally, people thought: do we actually need them? Indeed, these are not compulsory details. However, we will always have people who are looking for details among those informations beyond the normal level, example: Does Brand Brand's Blaze.png Blaze proc spell vamp or Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's slow?

Informations like these, they can be short sentences OR long wall of text. Here is an example, especially her innate, Twin Disciplines.png Twin Disciplines. Adding all of these information on to the main page of champions will eventually make it looks like an info dump, which pretty much making that page looks bad. Yes, information are good, so we're moving them to the new Ability Details page.

Original Page's Note Removal

If you had noticed, some of the champion's main page had their notes removed completely. These are done by our editors who had already moved the notes onto the Ability Details page, therefore there will be no need of those informations to stay on that page. Organizing information is always great. :)

Add on of details on Ability Details' page

I'm sure that everyone have their favorite champs, and there are definitely something that is a rare-find when you play as them. I would like to encourage every editors out there to add in what's lack at the Ability Details page. Of course, if you're bad at codes, templates or script, just add in a comment at the bottom, and we'll make our action after confirming the details.

Completion of Ability Details page will make our information compilation from great to even better!! And who are the people that benefits from it? Again, it's just us, the wiki visitors! Share your piece of information now!!

"Pending for Test" tag

I believe some of you are led here by this tag. Yes, "PENDING FOR TEST" is not a confirmed information. If you made the effort or already proven that this pending information is valid OR invalid, please do either remove the tag and state in edit summary that you had proven this to be valid, or just remove the entire information and state in the edit summary for having the information proved to be invalid.


Leia - 零亜のレサンテョスイア™ 15:13, February 18, 2012 (UTC)