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Lesdin Rek'Sai BG

Ionia Entrance Hirana
Lesdin 5Gamma
Do note, citizen of the net; Jhin Jhin will Curtain Call.png make you beautiful if you don't check out my other works.

Lesdin P1
Darssan Sight icon
Lesdin P3
Lothric and Lorian Sight icon
Lesdin P5
Adara Sight icon
Lesdin P7
(Rework) Rek'Sai Sight icon
Lesdin P9
Nine (collab w/ GreenMoriyama) Sight icon
Lesdin P2
Tylane Alert icon
Lesdin P4
Maria Alert icon
Lesdin P6
Alanor Sight icon
Lesdin P8
Friede Sight icon
Lesdin P10
Ao Shin Alert icon
Lesdin P11
Yahim Alert icon
Legend - Alert icon: Relaunch due / Upcoming - Sight icon: Stalled / Completed