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  • LeshracAetherBlade

    Update2: I fixed the mechanic on most of William's skills. On my next update i will fix the numbers. There is currently a storm in our area so the internet is not cooperative. So i will deal with the text balance/alignment etc.

    Update 1: It seems that i did something wrong with the category tag or something. i could not properly edit the page. Also i now have a hard time with the texts on the skills. they don't seem to fall straight in line or something. Also i just updated the lore, so forgive me if there are alot of grammar errors.

    [1] William, the Whimsical Warlock Cost: [2] 6300 or RP 975

    Attributes Mage

    , Ranged, Support

    Release date N/A

    Health 395 (+75) Attack damage 50 (+3.2)
    Health regen. 4.75 (+0.06) Attack speed 0.625 (+1.68%)
    Mana 40…

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