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Worst game ever?

Leyrann October 19, 2012 User blog:Leyrann

What was everyones worst game ever?

Mine was just a few minutes ago. I ended up reporting all allies and two enemies for the following reasons:

Lux flaming me (Volibear and trying to tank) for bad score, while I fed her to Legendary with succesful ganks on Heimerdinger early.

Garen just being a d*ck, agressive for no reason, not allowing ganks top, but pinging at low health enemies, such stuff.

Zilean early disconnect, Ashe dying twice in this time. Then feeding Blitzcrank and Draven because he can't dodge.

Ashe: Same here: can't dodge.

I did not even have time to gank bot, as constantly at least one were dead.

Enemy reports:

Blitzcrank for insulting.

Draven for being all pro and insulting.

(oh, yeah, and I'm still proud of myself I didn't start insulting all around... I couldn't resist Caps Lock at some point though...)

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