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  • LightofDeath

    Some concept I thought up that probably seems fit with CCC3.

    |damagetype= |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional= }} }}

    Ghim strikes the target champion with the fury of the wolf, dealing flat physical damage and summons a wolf that sticks to the target, dealing physical damage-over-time for 1.5 seconds.



    |damagetype=physical |spelleffects=single |range=250 |cost= |costtype = mana |cooldown= }} | }}

    Ghim breathes fire in a cone, dealing damage and summons a phoenix that deals magic damage over time to nearby enemies. It can autoattack champions. Lasts 6 seconds.


    10 AP)}}

    |damagetype=magical |range=650 |spelleffects=area |cost= |costtype = mana |cooldown= }} | }}

    Ghim increases an ally's attack speed and summ…

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  • LightofDeath

    Another, shitty entry for CCC2.

    |damagetype= |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional= }} }}

    After a 1 second delay, Drunt goes invisible for up to 8 seconds, but can be seen by enemies 400 units near him. His next autoattack will have 200 extra range (325 total), knock the enemy back 400 units and deal bonus physical damage.

    |leveling= |damagetype=single |spelleffects=single |cooldown=}} | }}

    Drunt's next autoattack will deal bonus physical damage and deal 80% of the damage dealt to enemies 300 units perpendicular to the target enemy.

    |leveling= |damagetype=physical |spelleffects=area |cooldown= }} | }}

    Drunt gains bonus critical chance.

    |description2= Drunt's next autoattack will become a guaranteed crit. |leveling= |spelle…

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  • LightofDeath

    I mean, uh, LoL Wikians. My first non-champion shamalama blog post, which is incredibly useless as an added bonus.

    With the 4.8 patch coming up and so is OFA: Mirror Mode (probably later than 4.8), things are going to be definitely exciting.

    We all know One for All was an enjoyable gamemode. It gave a funny experience and some new champions to try with a twist for new players. Champions like and were incredibly bonkers crazy (at least according to my experience) and may have left some players rage. Y'know, those ranked addicts.

    Now that the same champion is on EVERY summoner (well, they could do this before it became official, but now it is), I think it'd open some more possibilities the original mode couldn't do. But mostly some more hilarity …

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  • LightofDeath

    Welcome to my entry for CCC1. I know, this one sucks.

    Flan's abilities have no cost related to them and their use is limited only by cooldowns and his secondary resource, Mirror Image (colored cyan). Flan starts with 0 stacks and gains one every 4 seconds. Each of his abilities consume one stack.

    chance to make the next autoattack of the hit enemy miss.

    | |damagetype= |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional= }} }}

    Flan slams his halberd into the target location, dealing physical damage and slowing hit enemies by 20% for 3 seconds. If Ghost Storm is cast again in 5 seconds, an illusion will cast it and deal less AoE damage. Ghost Storm can only be casted 3 times every 8 seconds.


    |range=650 |damagetype=area |spelleffects=…

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  • LightofDeath

    I made a mistake and decided to release a 4th champion concept as redemption.

    ">(+ 20% AP)</span> bonus magic damage. | |damagetype= |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional= }} }}

    Jorin channels his teleport for 0.5 seconds or up to 2 seconds (depends on range) to a nearby location, dealing magic damage, stunning hit enemies by 0.8 seconds and slowing them after by 5% for 5 seconds. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 second.

    |leveling= |range=2000 |damagetype=area |spelleffects=area |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana }} | }}

    Jorin stores a percentage of all damage inflicted to him for 3 seconds. After the shield expires, he releases the stored energy, dealing 50 magic damage plus

    all of the stored damage in a …

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