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The Return of One for All: With A Twist

Hello you baloney bo-

I mean, uh, LoL Wikians. My first non-champion shamalama blog post, which is incredibly useless as an added bonus.

Mirror Mode!

With the 4.8 patch coming up and so is OFA: Mirror Mode (probably later than 4.8), things are going to be definitely exciting.

We all know One for All was an enjoyable gamemode. It gave a funny experience and some new champions to try with a twist for new players. Champions like Nidalee Poledancer and Lux MY EYES were incredibly bonkers crazy (at least according to my experience) and may have left some players rage. Y'know, those ranked addicts.

Now that the same champion is on EVERY summoner (well, they could do this before it became official, but now it is), I think it'd open some more possibilities the original mode couldn't do. But mostly some more hilarity on the already bonkers crazy champs.


I used too many icons. Also, post other probably stuff in the comments below! Now leave, out of my useless blog post, you baloney boney. jk

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