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    Hi guys!

    The point im gonna talk about is why Darius Ult doesnt have an indicator like Zeds ult in order to see when your Ults damage is enough to kill the enemy target, that would make him easier to play. Maybe because he is an easy to play champ unlike Zed? I know Darius and Zed are completely different champions but considering the way you use your ults (both for the killing blow) it would make Darius ult easier to use for non-proffessional Darius players, who consistently know their ults max damage output and keep watching the enemies life bars to assure the killing blow for max dmg output in a teamfight by being able to use the ult more then only one time if you fail to get the killing blow. 

    The indicator you can use here is the curren…

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    Unique champion imo, based on energy (secondary resource), my first champion design, so i wont use lots of numbers. Plus i will appreciate if someone tells me how to put these in boxes like all LoL champs on Lolwiki :)

    Fear them..

    Passive: Every X/X/X basic attack (or on kill or assist) Katsuka enters stealth for X/X/X seconds. (scaling by lvl)

    Mark of execution

    Q: Katsuka marks an enemy champion with his knifes, revealing them and grants Katsukas allies a movementspeed buff while moving towards the target. (Katsuka doesn't get the movementspeed bonus)

    Fast execution

    W: Katsuka gains bonus attack speed for the next 3 basic attacks, while the third attack knocks the enemy briefly back.

    Relentless execution

    E: Katsuka dashes to an enemy champion dealin…

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