Unique champion imo, based on energy (secondary resource), my first champion design, so i wont use lots of numbers. Plus i will appreciate if someone tells me how to put these in boxes like all LoL champs on Lolwiki :)

Fear them..

Passive: Every X/X/X basic attack (or on kill or assist) Katsuka enters stealth for X/X/X seconds. (scaling by lvl)

Mark of execution

Q: Katsuka marks an enemy champion with his knifes, revealing them and grants Katsukas allies a movementspeed buff while moving towards the target. (Katsuka doesn't get the movementspeed bonus)

Fast execution

W: Katsuka gains bonus attack speed for the next 3 basic attacks, while the third attack knocks the enemy briefly back.

Relentless execution

E: Katsuka dashes to an enemy champion dealing damage based on the enemies maximum health. If the enemy champion doesn't attack Katsuka with an basic attack within 1 second, he may reactivate this ability but dealing damage based on missing health this time. Half of the cooldown is refunded on one dash/ kill or assist.

Now you see me.... Now you dont!

R_1: Katsuka channels, revealing himself to all enemy champions, marking all visible enemy champions, spawning an untargetable clone of Kastuka behind all visible enemies and revealing them for the duration. After a sucessful channel, he may cast the second part of his ultimate.

R_2: Katsuka blinks behind an enemy champion, granting his passive buff and creating a cage for 2 seconds around that champion. If they leave it, they are silenced for 2 seconds.


Additional information:

Katsukas abilities only do physical damage.

Q: range: 600  cooldown: 8 seconds cost: 50 energy

E: First dash range: 700  Second dash range: 350 cooldown: 25  cost: 70 energy per dash

R: Global ability, cooldown: 220/200/160     no cost

I hope you like my concept. And remember, cooldowns, costs and damage make an ability op or balanced. (#GIVELUCIANPASSIVEACOOLDOWN)