I think it can be made as a solid statement by a majority of the LoL community that runes are f****ing expensive and maybe all the IP you just spent on those runes was wasted because they weren't as good as you thought they'd be. Welp, it's too late because runes aren't refundable and there's no way to get your IP back.

What if Riot implemented a rune tester system where you can purchase 9(reds, yellows, and blues) and 3(quints) for each type of rune for free. Free runes can only be kept for a total of 3 games before you have to actually buy them. This will allow players to make sure the runes they might want are worth getting. I recently spent over 3k IP on movement speed quints beause I thought I would like them, but now I'm wishing I had just kept my IP for attack speed quints. I figured; "what if there was a way to test runes before buying them?". This is just a concept and can be improved on or looked at, but I only hope many of you out there will agree with me and we can get Riot to add something like this to the game.

Feel free to reply with any feedback :)

  • Ive already posted a forum on the LoL website, so just know I didn't steal this