• Lil Tippy

    Quick, Random Jinx Blog

    October 10, 2013 by Lil Tippy

    Hey everybody. This is my first blog on this site, and well, ever.

    I'll keep it short and sweet: Jinx, while being an awesome character, seems to kind of "wrecked" Vi's persona in a way. I mean, Vi's whole deal was she was a badass cop who only abided by law to punch others according to it. Now Jinx comes in, and she's running circles around our formerly beloved cop making her look Cheif Wiggum-esque. In a way, she kinda turned Vi into a second Caitlyn, because she's all super serious and no more fun and games. I dunno, what should've been a really awesome conflict that's cool and interesting has turned bittersweet, because Vi's become exactly what she's basically vowed to not become her entire life: a whiny good-for-nothing pig.

    I'd be inteā€¦

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