First of all, the idea behind this post was this post; you should go check it out.  It's a neat idea.

Ok.  Pulsefire GP.  I'm pretty sure Riot's already planning more Pulsefire skins, and I'm pretty sure none of them are going to be GP.  This makes me sad; I'm an avid GP player (Critplank is one of the funnest things in the game), and I feel he needs a little love in the skin department (he has skins, but none are that cool; they lack the appeal of, say, Scorched Earth Xerath).  I've also seen many "grizzled space marine" games recently, and so I put two and two together, and thought, "What if we gave Gangplank a 'grizzled space pirate' skin?"  Think about it.  It would be utterly badass.  Making it Pulsefire only makes it better.  Finally, I am not a very good artist, so I'll just describe the cosmetics to you, and leave it to your imagination.  It'll probably look better that way as well.


Appearance: Instead of his tricorn hat, we would give him a bandanna, like this guy .  He would be in a powersuit, like the Iron Man suit, but with the appearance of wear and tear (he's a pirate!  They're not the most savory characters!).  The closest thing I can come up with is this guy.  He now has his eyepatch, with, like, a skull design on it.  His pistol is replaced with an awesome futuristic pistol (I'll leave it to your imagination to come up with a pistol), and his saber is replaced with a lightsaber, or some other awesome sword.  

Passive: No change.

Parrrley: Shoots out a laser.  

Remove Scurvy: Instead of eating those iconic oranges, they could be replaced with pills.  He just swallows them with a quick throw of his head.  Or, maybe just for fun, replace the oranges with a watermelon.  That would be hilarious.

Raise Morale: GP raises his pistol into the air and fires out a signal flare.  The flare is bright red, and lasts a few seconds.  

Cannon Barrage: Talks into his arm like Buzz Lightyear (think a military airstrike), which summons his "ship," which fires cannonballs.  However, instead of the ghostly cackle, we heara deep bwaaaaaaaaong, like this (click the button).  It would be AWESOME.  Also, replace the cannonballs with bombs, or something, and make the craters the bombs make slightly more defined and cooler (I'll leave that design to you, Riot).  


Well, maybe this skin shouldn't be Pulsefire quality, but most likely Legendary, and definitely 1350 (whatever that tier is).  Thoughts?  Comments?  Suggestions?