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    December 31, 2016 by LivesByProxy

    (Ignore this page, nothing to see here, move along, unimportant post, just cleaning up my profile page.)

    • Shaco - Champion Update - Season 6
    • A Fool's Hope: The Case For Support Shaco
    • Proposed Vision Alterations
    • Vision: Sight, Stealth, Detection, & Denial
    • Too Many Blades: Naming Conventions In League of Legends
    • Objectives In League: Riot's New Paradigm
    • Summoner Spell Redux
    • For The Love Of Stealth
    • Mastery Redux
    • LBP's Design Challenge - The Smuggler's Passage
    • Ward Variety & Sight Options
    • Re-ImaJHINing Jhin: An Experiment In Word Choice

    • Oracle, the World's Witness
    • Heir To Blackblade: Fulfilling League's Thief Fantasy

    • Willbachbakal's Another Look At Vision for a great rundown of the problems that sight and wards pose for League.
    • Zileas' List of Game Design Ant…

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    There is a lot of dissatisfaction about Plants on the Boards, and I wonder how much of this has to do with enabling champions in-combat style bonuses and tactical effects. The Blast Cone can let you disengage or initiate and the Honey Fruit can heal you (at the cost of a large but brief slow). And then there is my favorite, the Scryer's Bloom which grants in a large conic AoE. Yet most of the concern seems to be with the Cone and Fruit, not the Bloom. Vision while supposedly super powerful and OP doesn't get any of the attention.

    At the same time, search the Boards and you'll find those the lack of . And it's true. Without the Smite buffs of Wolf Spirit and Raptor's Razor Sharp, and with s now being s that / the in the game (with as li…

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    I've been absent for a while, but not unproductive - I made this infographic that sums up a lot of my ideas about sight, stealth, and the vision game. Hopefully it's coherent.

    I wanted the pic to appear on this blog page, but LoL Wiki wouldn't display it properly. :(

    The main point of the post (what I hope a Rioter sees and passes along) is the idea of the vision interplay loop. Interplay, as defined by the guys at Critical Gaming Network define interplay as: "Counters or the continual chain of back and forth counters between any two gameplay elements. The essence of gameplay." They state, furthermore: "Causing interesting choices to emerge in gameplay is a matter of making a game complex (rules/properties) and interconnected (dynamics/inter…

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    So YouTuber Jeremy "Gaming Curios" recently made this video about . Now, I've been thinking about for a while, but something Jeremy said irked me. He said, "the concept of being this reanimated Frankenstein's monster with weapons for hands is pretty cool." I don't disagree, but I think his analysis of Urgot's fantasy is inaccurate.

    IMO, Urgot's fantasy is that of being a living weapon / war machine. He's this terrible fusion of flesh and metal and magic, a twisted abomination, a mechanical monstrosity. Whereas might seek to augment human frailty with machinery, Urgot is an abhorrent mockery of his vision. He's reminiscent of the devices used by the Forces of Chaos in Warhammer 40K. I'm sure many parallels could be drawn to other such cre… Read more >