These are my proposed changes (I can dream can't I?) to vision in the League of Legends. The premise being: more vision options, each with its own conditionals and quirks, would be healthy for the game.

How? Well, I've written up this essay explaining just that. It also lays the foundation for a lot of these changes and provides context for them.

For more information about the problems with sight and stealth, you can read Willbachbakal's Another Look At Vision. It's a good read and a solid outline for the problems vision has in this game.

Champion Abilities

Some champions have received QoL buffs letting them play with vision.

  • Akali Akali's Twilight Shroud.png Twilight Shroud now has a slightly larger AoE and her stealth persists for .5 seconds after she leaves it.
  • Anivia Anivia's Crystallize.png Crystallize now blocks sight as regular terrain would for her opponents. Anivia and her allies can still see beyond it.
  • Graves Graves' Smoke Screen.png Smoke Screen, while not classified as Blind icon blinding (i.e. it can't be removed by cleanse-like effects), it does function similar to it.
  • Nocturne Nocturne's Duskbringer.png Duskbringer now applies a Paranoia.png Paranoia like effect, reducing the target's vision range and removing their shared champion vision. The target, however, still has vision of Nocturne while Nocturne is moving toward them, and can still see enemy champions within 500 units.
  • Quinn Quinn's Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault still Blind icon blinds the affected enemies, but behaves as vision-reduction. Additionally, her Heightened Senses.png Heightened Senses will now cause an exclamation mark (!) to appear above her if she uses the ability while a stealthed champion is within 1000 range.
  • Rengar Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt still functions the same, however, the "sight" he gains from it isn't classified as True Sight icon true sight. Ergo, he still retains visual information about them through Blind icon blinds and the Fog of War.
  • Talon Talon's Shadow Assault.png Eviscerate now stealths Talon and simultaneously resets his Cutthroat.png Cutthroat if he kills an enemy champion with Eviscerate.
  • Teemo Teemo's Blinding Dart.png Blinding Dart, as with everyone else with Blind icon blind, now behaves as vision-reduction. Noxious Trap.png Noxious Trap now releases a cloud of poison spores when stepped on that lasts 3 seconds, damaging and slowing all enemies each second they remain in the AoE.
  • Trundle Trundle's Pillar of Ice.png Pillar of Ice now blocks sight as regular terrain would. Trundle and his allies can still see beyond it.
  • Twitch Twitch's Ambush.png Ambush now has a fade time of 3 seconds while under attack, down from 6.
  • Shen Shen's Shadow Dash.png Feint now stealths Shen during the dash animation.
  • Warwick Warwick's Blood Scent.png Blood Scent no longer grants sight of units. Instead, enemy champions leave a scent trail that increases in duration, intensity, and length depending on how wounded he or she was, how long ago they passed by, and Blood Scent's rank and scaling.
  • Wukong Wukong's Decoy.png Decoy has its cooldown reduced by 1 second for each an enemy champion that attacked his clone.

Summoner Spells

These changes are to add vision and vision-denial as options for all champions. Hopefully a few formerly not so viable spells are now far more useful.

  • Clarity.png Clarity: Immediately restores 50% of your champions maximum mana, reduces your cooldowns by 25%, and grants you True Sight icon sight of all enemy champions within 500 units for 5 seconds. 210 second cooldown.
  • Clairvoyance.png Divination: True Sight icon Reveals a large area within a massive range for 30 seconds, including brush. After the initial reveal, the AoE is only under normal Sight icon sight. 180 second cooldown.
  • Ghost.png Ghost: After a 2 second fade time, your champion becomes invisible, intangible, and gains 13% movement speed for 3 seconds. Attacking or using damaging abilities will end the stealth early. 240 second cooldown.


Notice that all of these wards provide some form of stealth detection, without being an immediate crippling reveal.

  • Sentinel.png Snitch: Places an invisible ward with 1 health at target location that lasts for 3 minutes. This ward does not grant Sight icon vision but can be seen through the Fog of War by your team, and will emit a warning ping only you and allies can see and hear whenever an enemy champion comes within 1000 range of it. Costs 50 gold.
  • Sight Ward item.png Observer: Places a ward with 3 health that becomes invisible after 1.5 seconds, lasts 3 minutes, and grants Sight icon sight of the area around it of 1000 units. Enemy champions that enter stealth while under its vision will cause a warning indicator (!) to appear above it. Costs 75 gold.
  • Ghost Ward item.png Sentry: Places an indestructible, visible ward that lasts 3 minutes, and grants True Sight icon vision up to 1000 units in a 90 degree cone in front of it. Its True Sight icon gaze rotates slowly clockwise, completing a full rotation every few seconds, and will follow the first enemy champion it sees until they leave its vision range. Enemy champions that come within range of the Sentry will alert it after 1.5 seconds, causing it to rotate to face them. Attacking the ward 5 times will disable it for 7 seconds. Costs 100 gold.
  • Vision Ward item.png Beholder: Places a large visible ward with 5 health and infinite duration, that 'arms' after 1.5 second, granting True Sight icon true sight of the area around it (1000 units). It will not grant any True Sight icon vision until it arms. Costs 125 gold.


A new trinket that serves as a trap all champions can use.

  • Warding Totem item.png Vigilant Totem: Places an invisible ward with 3 health that lasts 60 seconds. Costs 0 gold and has a 90 / 60 second cooldown.
  • Scrying Orb item.png Scrying Orb: Sight icon Reveals a medium sized area within a moderate range for 7 seconds. Enemy champions spotted will be True Sight icon revealed for an additional 3 seconds after they leave the AoE. You may reactivate this ability up to two times during this duration, to cause it to scout a new location. Costs 0 gold and has a 90 / 60 second cooldown.
  • Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeper Drone: On activation, a construct appears revealing and disabling all wards and traps in a medium area for 6 seconds. Costs 0 gold and has a 90 / 60 second cooldown
  • Force Pulse.png Blanket Trap: Places a construct at target area that stealths and arms after 10 seconds and lasts 60 seconds. Enemy champions that pass near the construct cause it to conjure a Dark Sphere.png Globe of Darkness in the area, denying enemies within it Sight icon vision of their surroundings and removing their shared champion vision, and enemies outside of it Sight icon vision of its interior (they cannot see their allies or enemies inside the Globe). The Globe lasts 10 seconds, its AoE gradually reducing in size over this duration, and can be seen through the Fog of War. Costs 0 gold and has a 90 / 60 second cooldown.


Added an elixir for supports, it also serves as a call back to Oracle's Elixir item.png Oracle's Elixir.

  • Ichor of Illumination item.png Elixir of Perception: Grants the user +10% maximum cooldown reduction (grants 10% cooldown reduction, while simultaneously increasing the hard cap to 50%), +25% increased Sight icon vision range, and the ability Intuition.
    • Intuition: Your champion gains a visible warning indicator (!) when approaching (within 700 range) brush that contains an enemy champion. Additionally, stealthed champions within 400 units become True Sight icon visible after 1.5 seconds. .


Introduce a new support item that grants stealth to an ally and tweak a few existing items.

  • Sightstone item.png Lesser Sightstone: +250 Health
    • Unique Passive - Seer: Your maximum ward limit is increased by 1.
    • Unique Passive – Refresh: Starts with 3 charges and refills each time you visit your shop.
    • Unique Active – Glyph of Protection: Consumes a charge to place an invisible ward with 3 health that reveals the surrounding area for 3 minutes.
  • Ruby Sightstone item.png Greater Sightstone: +500 Health
    • Unique Passive - Seer: Your maximum ward limit is increased by 2.
    • Unique Passive – Refresh: Starts with 5 charges and refills each time you visit your shop.
    • Unique Active – Glyph of Protection: Consumes a charge to place an invisible ward with 3 health that reveals the surrounding area for 3 minutes.
  • Eleisa's Miracle item.png Eleisa's Miracle: +50 AP, +250% Base Health Regeneration, +250% Base Mana Regeneration, +15% CDR.
    • Unique Active - Sanctuary: Immediately stealths target ally for 3 seconds becoming immune even from True Sight icon true sight but it renders the ally unable to attack or use spells or abilities for the duration. 90 second cooldown.
  • Twin Shadows item.png Specters' Ire: +75 AP, +10% CDR, +5% Movement Speed.
    • Unique Passive - Hide: Passing near (within 100 units) an invisible ward will reveal and disable it for 4 seconds. 60 second Cooldown.
    • Unique Active - Seek: Summons two invulnerable spooks that hunt the two nearest enemy champions for 7 seconds. If a spook reaches its target, it True Sight icon reveals the target and reduces their movement speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. If a wraith cannot find a target, it tries to return to the caster. Spooks that successfully return in this way reduce the item's cooldown by 40 seconds. 120 second cooldown.
  • Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer: +50% Attack Speed, +35% Critical Chance, +5% Movement Speed.
    • Unique Passive - Tracer: Your champion ignores unit collision, cannot be seen within melee range while stealthed, and gains 5% Movement Speed while within 300 units of an enemy champion.


Round out the vision game with some changes to the Utility Mastery tree.

  • Scout mastery 2014.png Scout: Increases the cast range of all ward and trinket items by 15%.
  • Scavenger mastery 2014.png Scavenger: Now grants +1 gold each time a nearby ally last hits a minion and +5 gold every time you destroy an enemy ward.
  • Hextech Affinity.png Tinkerer: The duration of all wards and trinket effects are increased by 10%.
  • Artificer mastery 2013.png Artificer: Your maximum ward limit is increased by 1.