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  • Llex

    Sorakaka - teh Unicron

    July 7, 2012 by Llex

    Passive: Banana DPS - Every auto attack Sorakaka does is a banana... hurr. In addition, she deals increased damage against monkeys. (+ 50 % Attack Damage)

    Q: Magical Rainbow - Sorakaka sits on her bum and barfs magical rainbows. HAVE YOU TASTED THE RAINBOW? In addition, she gains 50% movement speed; however she is immobilized for the duration.

    W: Horn Penetration - giggity... Sorakaka can impale a champ by accident if she gets close enough. This attack applies to both allies and enemies. The target is slain despite their health. Impale chance: 10%/ 7000$/ Over 9 Hundred/ Fifty five bajillion%/ JB%

    E: Ehhh... - ehhh.. ehh%/ehhh%/ehhh%/ehhh%/ehhhh% Sorakaka becomes indecisive... ehhhh. In addition, she has ehh% every ehh level to ehh the enemy or…

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  • Llex

    Mahad, The Metallurgist

    June 9, 2012 by Llex

    Passive: Metaphysical Warp - If Mahad receives Ability Power above 100, his Abilities each gain +0.2 per Ability Power to their offensive actives.

    Q: Apothecary Armor/ Silverium - (Passive) Mahad permanently gains an aura that increases health regen for all surrounding allies by 2/ 5/ 8/ 14/ 20 health per 5 seconds. (Active) A torrent of silver smites an enemy champion for 60/ 110/ 160/ 210/ 260 magic damage (+0.6 Per Ability Power) and bleeds physical damage for 12/ 21/ 27/ 33/ 36 for 4 seconds. This bleed does not stack if the ability is used again, the counter will refresh if this ability is activated again. Cooldown: 12/ 11/ 9/ 8/ 6 seconds. Mana cost: 80/ 90/ 100/ 110/ 120. Range: 650

    W: Flerovium Radiation/ Plutionium Impact - (Passive…

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  • Llex

    Kedek, The Enlightened Soothsayer

    Support, Mage

    Passive: Mystical Eye

    Target champions struck by Kedek's ability have their Magic Resist and Armor reduced by 4%. Stacks on subsequent use against enemy champions by 2% after initial stack of 4% up to a max of 15%

    Q] Force Wall - Kedek channels for 5 seconds. While channeling, Kedek grants a shield to allies within a 350 AoE range. Each second of channeling grants Kedek and his allies 20/ 35/ 50/ 75/ 90 shield each second. The shield persists for 6 seconds after being given one stack. Cooldown 20/ 17.5/ 15.3/ 13/ 11 seconds. Mana Cost: 70/ 90/ 120/ 140/ 160

    W] Visions - Target enemy champion is immobile and silenced upon casting. The immobile and silence lasts for 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3/ 4 seconds and dea…

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