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Sorakaka - teh Unicron

Llex July 7, 2012 User blog:Llex

Passive: Banana DPS - Every auto attack Sorakaka does is a banana... hurr. In addition, she deals increased damage against monkeys. (+ 50 % Attack Damage)

Q: Magical Rainbow - Sorakaka sits on her bum and barfs magical rainbows. HAVE YOU TASTED THE RAINBOW? In addition, she gains 50% movement speed; however she is immobilized for the duration.

W: Horn Penetration - giggity... Sorakaka can impale a champ by accident if she gets close enough. This attack applies to both allies and enemies. The target is slain despite their health. Impale chance: 10%/ 7000$/ Over 9 Hundred/ Fifty five bajillion%/ JB%

E: Ehhh... - ehhh.. ehh%/ehhh%/ehhh%/ehhh%/ehhhh% Sorakaka becomes indecisive... ehhhh. In addition, she has ehh% every ehh level to ehh the enemy or ally.

R: UNICRON POWER ACTIVATE - Sorakaka calls upon divine friendship from above to summon either Fluttershy or any other pony from MLP for a duration. During this time, all enemies get slain instantaneously and Sorakaka is invincible. Duration: ∞/ ∞/ ∞/ ∞/ ∞

Okay, so this was a littly silly, but I needed to get this out of my system lol :P

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