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    Hey everybody! LoLHQ.net here with yet another infographic, this time about the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship Pre-Event Infographic!

    This infographic summarises all the important information you should know before the World Championship starts!


    The infographic contains informations like the date of the World Championship, the prizepool and how it is divided along all the competing teams, the format that the World Championship will be running in, all the qualifying teams from all the regions with all their logos and names displayed and all the groups that will be playing each other!

    All the informations are put together in a fast, easy to read picture so you will know everything needed for this tourn…

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  • LoLHQ

    Hey guys! Recently we have made a new site for all of you summoners, the League of Legends HQ with quick Alt-Tab guides that you can check in the champion select screen or in the loading screen!

    The LoLHQ site is meant for all the new, old or just lazy players that need a quick and reliable builds to play with. And the fastest thing to do is by using LoLHQ which provides quick Alt-Tab guides that you can use while you are in the champion select screen or when the game is loading.

    All the guides contain the most necessary information you need to play your champion (Build Order, Item Orders, Counter Picks and a short description with tips and tricks) so you don't have to search through long and more complex guides.

    Each champion has a tab at th…

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