So I see so many people still ranting about how broken the juggernauts are and how they need a nerf. While this is kinda true for Fiora in that her Q admittedly is up a little too often, I do not agree with this sentiment on Darius, Mord, Skarner, or Garen.

The only thing that makes Darius strong it that he is a safety pick, but why cant Top get a safety pick every other lane already has one ex. Malzar, Warwick, Jinx, Soraka. For the longest time the only safety pick for top has been Malphite and honestly that's only good in some situations, so I thought top deserved the safety a Darius pick can provide. Garen, and Darius are super easily counter picked too so its not really a big deal.

Skarner was super broken for that one weekend before he got nerfed the Monday after but now he is just an okay jungler.

Mord is risky because you basically need a duo partner with him and while he can snowball if he doesn't you might as well open up a buffet because you are about to feed.

So why are we still getting so much hate on these champions? We honestly have one of the most balanced game states we have ever had. Top lane is so much fun now with all the counter picking that goes on. Mid isn't owned by assassins. Jungle is open to all types except ad assassins now, adc doesn't even have to be an adc anymore so can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact you can with great play things like Ekko jungle, Vlad top, Lulu top, MORDE ADC - I mean this is the most fun I have had in the game in so long.

We don't see Kha, Fizz, Rengar and lee sin in 90% of our games anymore the stagnation is GONE. The only thing we have to realize is that the juggernauts are not really worth banning because these champions we are already including in our team comps counter them. Excluding Fiora(love her so much) she is kinda fucked up.

So the next time you see a juggernaut don't think GG think - thank god Lee Sin isn't in every single game ever now.