My Ranked experience - i started ranked at the end of season 2 i didnt even get to finish my promotionals but i was 6-0 in my season 2 pormotionals.

I assumed i would have the same experienc with the acclaimed improved ranking system of season 3. However my raked promotionals for season 3 placed me in bronze 1 with 6-4. i was and am very ok with that i figured ill burn my way out of B1. i played 3 games earning 30+ LP for each game! i was winning every game but loseing my promotionals every time, but i didnt stress or get frustrated beacause i was like its only a matter of time befor i get lucky Right.


I was so wrong on my 6th or 7th promotional to silver 5 lost it like all the others then instead of instantly going back up to my promotionals i went on a losing streak of 6 games. this did not bother me though beacuse out of 6 games i only lost 38 LP beacuse it was punishing me 3 - 8 lp a game. 


i felt immortal due to my high gains and beond low penalties, so i thought i would help my friend who was placed in Bronze 5 even though he didnt deserve it. i played 6 - 8 games with him losing all of them because his opponents were where i was and his allies were in Wood 6.


i still wasnt worried beacause even after all that i still was at 30-40 Lp. However i shoulod have been beacuse now my win rate went from 66-75% down to 49 - 51%.


I played a couple games myself and lost them now losing between 10-17 LP and droped to Bronze 2. I still wasnt worried ceacause i know i am better then Bronze 2 so i played some games whent back up to B1 with no problem. But what pissed me off was when my first game back in Bronze 1 was a lost and droped me back into Bronze 2 then i made it back to bronze 1

This reapeated for about 7 promotionals going in and out of Bronze 1, but i eventualy when into a losing streak and burned down to the lower half of Bronze 2 And that is were i have been stuck.


What is wrong ?

i dont want to sound like every bronze player but is this really what ranked is like?

it seams to punish you for bad luck much more then it rewards you for winning.

Also i play way to many games were i have an AFK, i think your team should not take LP punishment if your team has an AFK who else thinks so?

Please leave your Ranked Horror stories !