Hi everyone, I am currently in possession of nearly every rune in League of Legends and a big realization came to my attention: a lot of the runes suck XD

I know there is a lot of OPINION to this, but some if it is just straight up numbers. I want to hear everyone's opinions on which runes are just bad, and which are OP.

Runes I Think Suck (please give your own too)Edit

  • Flat Armor Seals: currently these are just a wast of space because the armor per level runes give the same amount of armor by level 6 (9 if you didn't know) I know some people are like "I need the armor for early levels", but to that I say level 6 is pretty early in my opinion, that's like 7-8 minutes into the game. Also if you need some armor that badly right off get a cloth armor.
  • Flat Ability Power Glyphs: I just don't understand these at all, unless you have 100% or more scaling on a move this is not going to give you any help at all, to be fair I also think ability power per level are also bad. Don't want you to think I just hate flat anything runes.
  • Any Energy Runes: Does anyone use these? Can we get them removed and replaced with something maybe equally useless but at least funny like Wife Steal?

Runes I Think are OP (again: tell me what you think is OP)Edit

  • Flat Armor / Magic Penetration Runes: these are just awesome! If you are an AD champion and you have Armor Pen Runes and you rush a Brutalizer you are almost doing true damage like 8-9 minutes in. OMG do you know how much Flat Magic pen you can get? It's a lot: with just magic pen runes you will have 14 and then Sorcerer's Shoes item Sorc's is another 15 and that's an item I would say 95% of AP carries get so you are GarenSquare Garen-teed to have 29 flat magic pen. This isn't normal but you could get all the flat magic pen items and runes and you would have 89 flat magic pen!!! (Sorcerer's Shoes item Sorcerer's Shoes, Wit's End item Wit's End, Abyssal Scepter item Abyssal Scepter, Liandry's Torment item Liandry's Torment)
  • Movement Speed Quints: Ok now, who doesn't like moving faster?