So we all love League of Legends and there isnt anything wrong with the game,


Does the map summoners rift really make ant sence for what its supposed to be ?

Summoners Rift is a place were disputes can be settled and fun can be had for the amusment of others, so why is it a forest with a river and some little buildings scatterd around.

I dont feel like i am in this great arena built to settle the most epic confontations in the land, I feel like i am fighting in some poor little village that doesnt know whats happening.


If you dont like the map what would you make it resemble?

I think the map needs to look more like a Roman arena, it can keep the exact same setup just replace the grass with sand, make the Dragon and Baron pit have metal grates were the Dragon and Baron rise out of, and replace all the trees with stone walls the entrances into the jungle could just look like crumbling openings.

Same map diffrent feel, also in the border areas make stands with tones of people in them so it feels like an arena. or if you want to keep the same forest feel just add the stands in the boarder area and take out the little huts that are randomly placed all over.


What do you guys think do you think summoners Rift fits waht its supposed to be, or do you think it should change Visually. If you you do tell me how you would change it Visually


don't crucify me for purposing change, I dont want a hate speach. It doesnt lend anything to the creative pooling that i want to accure in the comments.