With the recent death of feral flare we are going to see way more Spirit E, Spirit A, Spirit S. But why did these items disappear in the first place?

Feral Flare

Feral Flare was so popular because it had more then Jungle use alone. Early game it served as a good jungle sustain and clear item. While early mid game it became an item that had real out of Jungle use.

The spirit items give very small out of jungle use, so why use them in place of Flare.

Spirit E

Spirit of the Elder Lizard is one of the most bought Spirit items. But how often do you keep this item all game?

If your game makes it to late, then it doesnt give any stats worth keeping. If you could Jungle without the sustain this item gives you would in a heart beat.

Spirit A

Spirit of the Ancient Golem is one of the most Cost inefficiant items in the jungle(my opinion on this). This item is twice the price of a giants belt and does not even give the same amount of health. Overall this item is the most disappointing.

Spirit S

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is the most cost effective Jungle item A.T.M. By late game this item does not fall of nearly as hard as the other two Spirit items. Spirit S gives the most in combat stats with 80 AP(fully stacked).

So why dont the other Spirit items give in combat stats that come close to this one?

The Change

All of the Spirit Items need to stack as the game goes on(capping at 30 stacks like Spirit S).

For Spirit of The Elder Lizard have it get +1 AD per large jungle kill, champion kill, and assist capping at 30 stacks. Honestly why should a item that grants NO in combat sustain and NO active grant only 30 AD and 10% CDR.

The Same goes for Spirit of the Ancient Golem why should a item that grants NO in combat sustain only grant 350 HP Tenacity and 10%CDR. make it stack +10 Hp per stack capping at 30 stacks.

No change is needed for Spirit of the Specral Wraith.

These items might not grant any in combat sustain, but atleat they dont give bad stats.