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Vladimir The Fruity Wonder

Lokiwg February 9, 2015 User blog:Lokiwg

I have been playing a lot of Vladimir lately and have fallen for how hilariously fruity he is. The only problem I have with Vlad is that he has 1:31  worth of dialog so even though I love the Fruity personality Vlad projects in that 1:31, it leaves me wanting more. Most champions nowadays have 8 or 9 minutes of dialog atleast, like Sion I love Sions personality as well and he has so much he says throughout a game it never gets old. I dont think Vlad needs a Vu or any game play changes, but I think he needs like 5 more minutes of quality fruity dialog. 

What do you all think, what could be some good lines he could be given, and is there any other champion you guys think just need some more dialog?

Fine B - , your just my type.

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