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    Vito, The Mobster

    Cost: 6300 IP or 975 RP

    Attributes Fighter, Ranged

    Health 504 (+80) Attack damage 66.68 (+4.5)
    Health regen. 4.5 (+0.58) Attack speed 0.626 (+4.3%)
    Mana 241 (+52.5) Armor 10 (+4)
    Mana[1]regen. 6.5 (+0.5) Magic res. 22 (+1.33)
    Range 545 (+5) Mov. speed 330

    Vito, The Mobster is concept for a champion in League of Legends.

    Vito is a Ranged AD carry role who excells in using his quick movements to chase his foes while dealing massive damage. He is a strong and highly versatile damage dealer but has no real escape tactics. He would be best played shooting from a range and weakening his opponents followed by chasing them down as they attempt to flee.

    Patch vI.D.G.ADAMN


    (Innate): Vito's damaging abilities apply a Damage ov…

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