This could just be my computer being dumb, since I experience ridiculous technical issues that have no right to exist, but any page with an embedded video has been causing massive lag for me lately. It's so bad that it takes 5+ seconds for the page to start scrolling when I use my mouse wheel, arrow keys, or actually drag the scroll bar. I don't know why this suddenly started happening, but I can't even use wikis anymore.

I can only assume that it's the "Must Watch" video column that's causing this because things like the main page or user profiles are perfectly fine and the only variable is embedded videos (edit: even this blog post is fine because, again, no videos on the page). This is happening on all other wikia pages, so it's not some weird layout specific to the League wiki.

And, before anyone asks, no I don't have malware, viruses, spyware, trojans, or anything of the sort. I've also tried clearing my Firefox cache and running Disk Cleanup, no dice. I run a tight ship and always run scans when things start acting funky, nothing has been able to resolve this issue.

Anyone have some info that could help resolve this?