• LordTenebros

               Mordekaiser exited Summoner’s Rift, more preoccupied than he had felt in a long time. It was not because of the recent game; that had been a complete success. The Master of Metal had easily dominated his lane against the assassin mage LeBlanc, and had even gotten a few kills off their Nocturne as well. His allies, the zealous Demacian hero Garen and the vengeful Graves, had experienced similar success. The match had been over before he had been able to finish his Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, a tool that he often utilized to cripple his foes before finishing them off with his deathly curse.

                Normally, such victories were invigorating and made him feel especially powerful. There was nothing quite like seeing the fear and suf…

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  • LordTenebros

    In the highest tower of Noxus, Jericho Swain sat alone in his desk reflecting on his current problems and how to deal with them. Though it seemed to the outside world that Noxus was completely united under Swain’s command, he knew that the truth hadn’t been quite as simple. His rise to Grand General had made him not a few enemies, some of them very powerful ones. Swain’s first task was to take them all down one by one, either by forcing them to swear a personal oath of allegiance to him or else outright eliminating them. Compared to Keiran Darkwill, they had all been easy prey, so Swain hadn’t found much of a challenge in any of them. “Disappointments, all of them, Beatrice…” he hissed to his pet raven, Beatrice.

    The only powerful entity in…

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  • LordTenebros

    Hey guys! I love Fire Emblem and I've decided to assign character classes to some of our favorite characters from Lol! I'll start with some champs from Demacia and Noxus. Feel free to offer your own and I'll add them:

    • Demacia*

    Garen: Hero

    Jarvan: Lord/Great Lord (Ephraim/Eliwood style)

    Lux: Bishop/Light-based Sage

    Xin Zhao: Paladin (with horse), otherwise Halberdier

    Fiora: Swordmaster

    Shyvana: Dragon Laguz

    Poppy: Hero (need some help here)

    Vayne: Sniper (I hope this was obvious)

    • Noxus*

    Katarina: Rogue/Swordmaster

    Sion: Berserker/Warrior

    Darius: Warrior

    Swain: Druid/Bird Laguz XD

    LeBlanc: Summoner

    Talon: Assassin (no ****);

    Annie: Anima-based Sage;

    Warwick: Gwyglli (jk, Beast Laguz)

    Morgana: Druid

    Draven: Warrior (a squishy one with lots of hand axes)

    • Shadow Is…

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  • LordTenebros

    Hey guys, this is LordTenebros here. As some of you may know, I'm a huge fan of Disney villains (especially Hades), so I decided to create a League of Legends champion based off one of them. Since Hades is way too similar to Brand to be considered his own champion imo, this champion shall be based off of the Horned King from The Black Cauldron. The Horned King is one of the more obscure and less well-known villains, but is no less dangerous or evil than any of the other more popular villains.

    I decided to try and include a few new ability concepts that other champions don't have. Also, I don't have an idea for exact numbers yet (how much damage the Horned King does, etc.) so I'm just putting down the general concepts first.

    Nek'Maroth, the Ho…

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