Hey guys! I love Fire Emblem and I've decided to assign character classes to some of our favorite characters from Lol! I'll start with some champs from Demacia and Noxus. Feel free to offer your own and I'll add them:

  • Demacia*

Garen: Hero

Jarvan: Lord/Great Lord (Ephraim/Eliwood style)

Lux: Bishop/Light-based Sage

Xin Zhao: Paladin (with horse), otherwise Halberdier

Fiora: Swordmaster

Shyvana: Dragon Laguz

Poppy: Hero (need some help here)

Vayne: Sniper (I hope this was obvious)

  • Noxus*

Katarina: Rogue/Swordmaster

Sion: Berserker/Warrior

Darius: Warrior

Swain: Druid/Bird Laguz XD

LeBlanc: Summoner

Talon: Assassin (no ****);

Annie: Anima-based Sage;

Warwick: Gwyglli (jk, Beast Laguz)

Morgana: Druid

Draven: Warrior (a squishy one with lots of hand axes)

  • Shadow Isles and Undead*

Mordekaiser: General (although if you ever build him full tank or AD You deserve to be criticaled with Garm)

Yorick: Entombed

Evelyn: Assassin

Karthus: Necromancer

Hecarim: Great Knight

  • Ionia*

Varus: Sniper

Master Yi: Swordmaster (I hope this was obvious)

Irelia: Swordmaster

Kennen: Sage

Shen: General

Akali: Assassin

Udyr: Multi-Laguz o_o

Wukong: Swordmaster (there's a lot of them aren't there?)

Karma: Bishop

Thanks for your contributions so far!