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  • I was born on May 8
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    So yea the fangasm of SWTOR has finally settled inside me so that means back to LoL.

    Before SWTOR I didn't really have the concentration to sit down and actually study different roles. I had totally forgotten about one of my all-time favourite champions: Sona, the Maven of Strings. (For some reason I have a tendency to pick ultra-squishy champions) I mean really she has it all and she is annoying like hell to lane against. The man that once uttered "Every team should have 1 supporter" was a very wise man indeed 9 out of 10 games victorious (the last game we had a Trynda that fed like hell (0/9/1)). So yea it seems supports can be used for something good in the current meta.

    A thing I often see/hear/experience is that people don't get that So…

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