Lord Kuato

aka Ramon

  • I live in Pasig
  • I was born on March 12
  • I am male
  • Lord Kuato

    Wikia: Hello, Lord Kuato, how have you been doing?

    Lord Kuato: Great! Things have been kinda busy for the past couple of months. I just got myself a new job assignment and it's taking a while to get things operating smoothly. It's been very challenging and quite fun.

    W: So you've been enjoying yourself?

    LK: Yeah, it's all good. Unfortunately, it's only a lateral change to a different responsibility so I didn't get a raise.

    W: Well that's not very nice...

    LK: Indeed. I do human resource work for the most part now.

    W: ... and before that?

    LK: I was in charge of what we called the "web department."

    W: Oh! So you used to make websites?

    LK: Hardly, I kept trying to make work for myself and my team for a year and half but the bosses wouldn't take any of …

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  • Lord Kuato

    So the PH servers are still in beta and the cash items (items only buyable with Riot Points) are still not available. This Friday, though, Garena will be selling skins, skins, rune pages and boosts for cash in only five locations (not even online). Fortunately for me, one of those locations is near my office!!! Good deal. I don't know how much I'll spend since I can get those for free through other channels, but my brother can't go and has given me some money to buy stuff on his behalf. He's actually spending 2,500 bucks on a free-to-play game. Damn...

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  • Lord Kuato


    June 5, 2011 by Lord Kuato

    Today, I had the pleasure of playing against what could be the most incompetent set of opponents ever.

    The game began very badly. I had chosen and as the game began, in fact, after made my first click of the game, my League of Legends froze. I waited several moments in the hopes that it would recover with no luck. Apparently, my entire system had frozen. I forced a reboot of my computer. I finally was able to return to the game while the others were between levels three and five. As I left our base, though, our got disconnected. Simultaneously, I noticed that my latency was fluctuating between 600 and 800 milliseconds. Perhaps, I thought, it would get better. It did not. I was forced to restart my modem, as well, and waste several more m…

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  • Lord Kuato


    June 3, 2011 by Lord Kuato

    Finally, a very pleasant game. I can't even remember the last time I played one of those, at least not since I started to stay exclusively on solo queue. No trash talkers, no rudeness, no QQ, a cooperative team, opponents with a cooperative team. Great, great game. To top it all off, we won.

    It started off really bad. I was playing and I had to restart during loading because of a horrible connection. I'm glad a modem reboot took care of it. Was pretty bad for the opponent's as well, though, he wasn't as lucky as I. He got back in before we were at level 6, I got back in at two minutes.

    The early game seemed very lopsided. We had taken down five of their turrets, leaving mid's middle turret alone standing, but had suffered more deaths as a …

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  • Lord Kuato

    Patch Boredom

    June 2, 2011 by Lord Kuato

    Servers are being patched to the pre-Orianna patch. Yeah, PH servers are still in beta and are delayed several champions right now. The latest one we have is Nocturne, who, I assume, is coming out when the servers come back up. I was so hoping this patch would include the delayed Orianna, I want to play her so badly. Alas, it is not to be...

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