So this is my user blog... Might as well make use of it since it's here. I'll use mine to keep track of the games I play and how I feel about them.

Today's first post is on a game I played using KarmaSquare Karma. I had a horrid, horrid team. I was sharing bot with JaxSquare Jax against PoppySquare Poppy and TryndamereSquare Tryndamere. As fate would have it, they kept diving and picking on me from level one. Poppy pushing me away from my tower and them gangbanging me. I died three times early game. This prompted the SingedSquare Singed on my team to ask for a swap and to QQ. He was joined by the Jax in his whining and I moved over to top with a {ci|garen}}.

As the game wore on, both Jax and Singed performed even more poorly than I had in the beginning, but my whole team was trash-talking itself and we were doomed to failure. We did get their inner mid tower down but against a team of five carries and no cohesion on our part, it was useless.

Needless to say, I have two new names on my ignore list. I'd have added all four of my teammates but they kept quiet for the most part except for exposing their stupidity. Such as Garen QQing about my items at 40 minutes and how pathetic they were. The idiot didn't even notice how the entire map was fully warded at all times. Moron who knows nothing but to try and kill. No strategy, no teamwork, major failure.

Highlight of the game was Singed and Jax whining about how I was a feeder with my 0-4-0 record. A few minutes later, I was sitting at 1-4-3 while they were at 0-5-0 and 1-6-0. Yeah, I was the feeder... If you, dear reader, ever get to play on the PH servers, beware of fools who think they are the greatest in the world and bring their stupid DotA mentalities into LoL. Beleiving they can win any battle 1vs5 with their DPS champion and having never been exposed to those "weak" support champs. There's lots of them here...